Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Tuesday June 19, 2007

3 days till Joey's release


In less than one week we will be aboard an airplane making our way home!! YAYAYAYYAYAYYAYAY!!


Thanks to Julie for finding a flight for us—there is no direct flight on Tuesday, but there is a flight that has an overnight connect in Paris. That is good news because the Wednesday flight we were booked on was sold out—no seat to buy for young Joey--- in fact there were not 3 seats on ANY flight through the holiday…. So there is extra pressure to get everything done right on schedule—we have no room for error or we will could stuck here till July 5. Keep us in your prayers that he don't hit any snags with his birth certificate, passport or at the embassy.


This morning's visit was a shopping trip. We (Mary, Joey, 2 orphanage workers and I) climbed into a Lada taxi and headed for the Rynok by the hotel.   We got him a couple of outfits, some sandals, socks and undies. Total cost about $30. Not too bad compared to Dillards—but we do not shop at Dillards. A little more than at the K-mart and the quality does not seem as good. We stopped to get his passport and visa photos done. We pick them up at 6:30. that will save us some time during our crazy day on Friday. Joey really enjoyed the trip—he did not get car-sick and was fascinated by all the motor scooters at the Rynok (Hey Prof--- can we have a ride?!?!?)


We also picked up a gift for the kids in the group.


By the time we returned to the orphanage our visiting time was over--- we were very happily surprised when the workers invited us to stay for lunch. It always smells so good.. it IS good. Clear veggie soup, brown bread, spaghetti, tomatos and a "mystery meat pieces parts" patty with homemade cherry juice to drink (I LOVE those cherries!!)


By the time we got back to the hotel it was too late to go to the beach (sniff sniff) so we hung out for a while, went to the internet and hung out some more.


Getting ready to head out for our afternoon visit--- more soon…




We are back from a fun afternoon! Our visit went well. Joey was wiped out from his morning adventure—it took an hour for him to finally wake up and we played tag and the "killer lion game"--- sounds too evil to write about—you'll need to ask in person. We did a lot of the usual—walk the grounds, feed and pet the dogs, climb on the playground equipment and, of course, eat cherries!!


"Priviet" to Kat and Jaye at work. It was good to get caught up. Thanks for doing such a great job while I'm away. Joey, Mary and I really do understand that you are working extra hard and we appreciate that you are busting hump!---Thanks!! YOU ARE THE best!


Kudos also to the kids for taking care of grandma and for not killing each other while mom and dad are away!!! Spaseeeeeba!



We spent some time at the internet today trying to figure out how to get a French transit visa for Joey (we would really prefer not to have to sleep in the airport) Last time Mary had to cry (literally) to the guy at immigration at CDG and he finally approved a waiver and let us take James and Catie to a hotel. I'd like for this to go better that that one. Much to our great surprise (not), the French Embassy in Kyiv does not answer their phone, so if anyone out there has any suggestions for securing the Visa, please email them to me at: marty at


We'd (okay, actually I'd) like to take him into the city and go up the Eiffel Tower, see Notre Dame and spend the afternoon being tourists. I LOVE Paris--- Mary HATES it! We'll do battle if we can actually get him through immigration!   J


We met Lira at 6 and headed to the drug store to pick up his passport and visa pictures. I must say that I have never known Joey to not be smiling. He is a really happy kid 99% of the time…EXCEPT when they flashed the picture.. Oh MY--- he has that Eastern European "up yours" scowl. It looks like he wants to kick someone's butt just 'casue it would be fun… What a hoot!


Lira, Mary and I went to café Ultra for Dinner and for English tutoring. Congrats to Lira she passed her boards and is now qualified to teach high school and college math! I'm trying to figure out who I can "fix her up with" in the US. She's a sweet girl who will have a really tough life here. (there are no jobs here for teachers right now so she is looking for work in another field). She is a "born again" Christian and seeking the same.


Tomorrow is a dance recital at 10 (that should be interesting) and a regular visit at 4. We are planning a big party for 4 on Thursday for all the kids in his group--- cake, ice cream, fizzy apple juice (they love that stuff here), bubbles and general silliness. The end is really getting close and as strange as it sounds I will kind of miss "Ground Hog's Day".


Still to do while we are here:



Pottery outlet

Chernihivska café one more time

Get a photo with Mr Lenin on the square



See ya Zaftra!





Jim and Mary!
PS Our photo link is dead (many thanks to Yahoo). It will have to wait until we get back to fix it. I'll try to get to blogger and load some pics there, but usually the only way I can post to the blog is through email and I have not figured out ho to load pics that way--- sorry


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adoptedthree said...

I have enjoyed your journey. We are nearby in Dayton. It was heartbreaking to read about the babies in Torez.

blessings on your journey home