Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sunday June 24, 2007

(sorry for typos--I'm on a Ukrainian keyboard) It has been quite a day today.
Little Joey has experienced more new things today that I can even imagine.
We needed to get our of Max's place while we translated documents for the embassy. So after a wonderful breakfast prepared by Chef Max we walked the 3 (Long) blocks to the Metro (Subway). Took the train into the city center and got off at Zoo. I have seen a lot of people say bad things about the zoo here and certainly it is not as nice as Cincinnati, or San Diego-- but other than the ape cages (which are NASTY) I thought it looked pretty modern. (Wait--- all the toilets are squatters--forgot that one)
KyivStar (a cellular provider) was offering free train ride through the Zoo today so we saw a LOT in a little time. Joey did manage to toss his new hat into the duck and turtle lake-- so his beloved cap is not more :-(. We saw the critters, took a bunch of pictures, ate caramel corn (I do not recommend it), rode a coupe of carnival type rides and after about 2 1/2 hours we had all had enough zoopark.
We took the metro to the main shopping street and had the obligatory meal at TGI Friday's--- Joey had a kids's burger with fries and about 1/4 of a bottle of katsup. Mary and I split nachos and a Friday Burger. It was a good taste of home.
We walked the main drag (which is closed off to all vehicles for the weekend). There is a big concert later tonight... We missed A free Elton John concert last Saturday. We will miss this one too. We had a nice stroll and went to the underground mall for some ice cream (I would not recommend Baskin Robbins--- they have 31 flavors but 3 tiny scoops cost 7 dollars-- and it was not that good--- there is a Gelateria that looks way better-- or for 1 hrv (20 cents) you can get a Mc Cone (what we should have done)
We hiked up a huge hill to the Catholic Church (St Alexander's--how fitting) but it was an hour before Mass. So we climbed a bit farther to a pretty park with a playground and PONIES!! Yes--- Joey had his first pony ride today too (Sorry James). 3 bucks for a once around the park. We dodged a little rain and headed back down to Mass. English Mass was at 8:30, we would be there for Russian.. Cool!
We arrived about 30 minutes early and waited. Joey was a perfect angel (pun intended). He copied what everyone else did and was heartbroken that he only got a blessing at communion.
After Mass, we went back down the hill to the food court a the mall. We resisted the McDonalds urge and got some pretty yummy Ukrainian fast food (baked chicken with pineapple and cheese, boiled potatoes with dill and a pork chop) Joey loved it.
By this time it was 6:30 and we were quite tired from our day of exploring. A 20 minute metro ride and the 10 minute walk to Max's and we are back--
Bath time and now Joey is laying here as I type with his eyes wide open (I'm sure not wanting to miss out on anything)
Firsts for Joey today:
Escalators (which he now LOVES and has them totally figured out---that is saying something in the land of the world's fastest escalators)
American food
time to see a real body of water (the Dnipro)
trip to the zoo and see the animals
time to ride a "ride"
pony ride
shopping mall
to see a big city
a balloon on a stick
and on and on and on....
Today was a blast! tomorrow we get our cab at 7:30 and go to the American Medical Center then to the Embassy at 10:30---
wish us well!
Jim and Mary

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