Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Monday June 18, 2007

Monday June 18, 2007


4 days till Joey's release


We awoke up today to "I Got You Babe" on the radio—not really, but it is groundhog's day again—But today had a twist. We were tour guides for the family from Italy.


We met in the lobby at 9:30 for the trip on the trolley-bus to the orphanage. We showed them how to board (push hard), how and why to avoid the "B Dehot" bus (it's going to the depot which is ok on the way to the orphanage, but will not get you very far on the way home) how, when and how much to pay on the different modes of transport (on the trolley-bus the nice "sturdy" lady will squish her way through the throng, collect your money and give you a ticket---in Kyiv they will offer you a discount if you will give the ticket back to them so that they can resell it and pocket the money. On the city bus you pay the attendant as you exit) and other important public transportation tips.


Plus we helped them order lunch. Chicken Kiev for everyone—Rice with maslo (butter) for them--- fries for us. And went back to the orphanage with them this afternoon. I think they will be ready to solo tomorrow if need be!


It's fun showing people around "our town". Rain today kept us from the beach, but we will try that tomorrow. We also still need to get to the pottery market and we will take them with us. Not many people here speak any English. I am surprised that no one speaks Italian (especially since the Italian pottery company has a factory here.) We will not be able to take them to the lavra, but will show them how to get the bus so they can go if they want.


This morning the kids were back in school (it is at the orphanage). Joey (I think we are set on that name) came down from class to meet us right at 10. We got him dressed (school uniform is undies only) and headed outside--- he was very active today. We raced, ran, jumped, wrestled non-stop both in the morning and afternoon.


He also popped a gasket today at some workers at the factory next door—there was a bunch of noise coming from over there and he walked over near the wall and started shouting at them--- the only thing we could make out was "Luba". We are guessing that the factory noise is a common problem and Luba comes out to get them to quiet down in that tactful Eastern European way (scream at them and they scream at you and then nothing happens and you go to the kiosk to share vodka shots). We taped it to see if he actually saying things or just babbling (and it we should be concerned at what he is saying!) It was very cute!


I think Joey finally understands that the end of his time here is getting close. We spoke with Luba (the director) today and she agreed to let us take him out tomorrow to get clothes and shoes (the adopted kids may only leave the orphanage with what God gave them at birth). We will be provided with an escort to assure that we return with him.

We were walking around the orphanage and I told him we needed to hurry to get to the Duoma (home—also what the kids call the orphanage). He started jumping up and down shouting Duoma! Duoma! Duoma!—I felt terrible. He thought we were leaving for our home right now… sigh! Soon little man, soon! Joey was very "clingy" both times we had to leave today. We all want "ground hogs day" to end.


Random notes:


  • Our dog family has grown to 3—Stimpy, Stinky (formerly known as Wren but he got his new name since it appears his favorite past-time is rolling in poo), and Scared-ey. (his tail never comes out from between his legs). Not too much food for them since Joey eats most of it (Hot Dog in a blanket, apple turnover and meat and cheese and a meat-stick).


  • Cherries are EVERYWHERE--- Joey loves to pick them but is tired of eating them—I am not—I do not think I have ever eaten so many cherries. They are tiny but full of flavor—there are 20-30 cherry trees on the grounds and all have branches drooping from the bounty. (I'm working on mouth sores from cherry overload!!)


  • The corner 7-11 got a shipment of ½ litre bottles of Pepsi. We have never actually seen Pepsi outside of an occasional kiosk in Kyiv—not that we are big Pepsi fans,   but you tend to notice stupid little stuff when you relive each day over and over.


  • Meat-Sticks weigh exactly 100 grams and cost 45 cents. (sorry that is real minutia)


  • When it storms here the sky turns orange. I assume from pollution?? Rich Appuzo where are you?


  • There are no storm drains or sewers.  When it rains it floods. You may have to drive/walk/wade/swim home at any time.


  • Happy news we are back in our "BIG" room—it's an extra $20/night and worth every penny—we feel human again!


We are really excited to be able to take Joey shopping tomorrow—it should be a great day. We also will probably go to the beach and we meet Lira (the college student we are tutoring in English) at 6 for snacks at Café Ultra.   More tomorrow----it's getting close!!






Jim and Mary

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Anonymous said...

Hello Jim and Mary,

I was doing a cross reference on Torez special needs orphanage and a link to your blog came up on google. Our family lives in Marietta, Georgia. I began reading your story this morning and will continue to tonight after my children are in bed. (so I can actually focus) My husband, Mark and I are waiting for our SDA appointment too. I saw that you are familiar with Life 2 Orphans. Did you meet Joey (Daniil)through Andrea Roberts? I met Andrea via the web and phone in March 2006. Joey is a darling boy and I know you both are so blessed. I cannot wait to visit your blog some more and share in your experience. It is nice to be able to have names and faces to add to our prayer intentions. We will pass the word to our prayer partners too. As I was browsing through I recall mention of "daily Mass" and my eyes perked up because we are also Catholic. What state do you live in? Do you have an e-mail address that I may contact you at? Sorry if I missed it in the Blog. Here is our blog link www.wollschlageradoptionadventure.blogspot.com. It is by invitation only until we are actually in Ukraine and then I will make it available on the Google directory.
Thanks for sharing your family's story. If you have an opportunity to read my first posting, you will see why I have an interest in Torez. Joy in Christ, Peace and Safety as you prepare to return to the States, Theresa