Monday, July 16, 2007

Another Week Home

WOW-- time is flying!
Joey is doing great fitting into the family. He is taking swimming lessons daily at the swim club. He LOVES the water.
Sleep has been the big variable. If he gets his nap, he is an angel. If the nap does not happen, it's not pretty. Quite ugly infact!
We all watched the DVR'd MONK tonight. He enjoyed it, but probbaly more enjoyed us all watching together as a family. Things just feel right--- that is a true blessing!
On the downside, the stress of joblessness is growing and tomorrow I will need to decide between a couple of different opportunities. One will keep us here in Cincy, the other involves a move. There are so many variables it's tough to decide. Please keep us in your prayers that the decision will be the right one!
More in a week or so!
Jim and Mary


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