Sunday, August 05, 2007

Home for a Month!

It's hard to remember a month when so much has happened in our lives. Getting Joey---Getting fired-- having all of my stuff packed to move back to Vegas for a job and then it not happening--- more job interviews---lots of lawyers---- whew!!
The good news is we have been able to spend a lot of time together to get settled in. We have been at the pool almost every day (we all have great tans!) and spent a lot of family-time!
I started a new job tonight- I host Hall of Fame Coast to Coast an oldies/classic hits radio show than is syndicated across the US--- Please call your local station and ask them to carry us (that way I won't have to take a second job).
Okay-- to the important stuff---- All the medicalsf have looked great for Joey--- no heart problems----blood draw for chromosomes was this week---we'll know the answer to the Trisomy 21 or Mosiac question in a week or so---
He has some more school testing this week--Catie will translate (the person provided by the district was not very good last time). Hard to believe we are just a few weeks away from the start of the school year!
He is sleeping a bit better with the melatonin-- but he is still testing the limits at every turn. Not only that, but he has a really foul mouth. He swears like a little Ukrainian sailor--especially when he does not get his way--- It's really funny (okay maybe funny is not the right word) to see this sweet little child with such a bad mouth. The good news is only Catie knows what he is saying and he will NOT picking up these words around the house (and hopefully not in school for a while!)
paperwork stuff:
Joey got his letter from the Office of the President with his citizenship documents last week (YAY!!)
Mary got his paperwork turned in for Social Security
Ukrainian registration papers went away
We will get his passport as soon as the SSN card gets back
That's it for now--- more later!

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